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Hello there! Get ready to do the happy dance, because you’ve landed on the handsomest - and most fun - fundraising website ever. I guess the handsome part is just what our mothers think.

If you’re hoping to create an unforgettable fundraiser, keep reading. If not, that’s okay too - you’re probably procrastinating at work, which means you should check out some of our hilarious past fundraisers.

Hey, you’re still here! Read on, my friend. This handy 1-2-3 guide will tell you almost everything you need to know about fundraising with us. We’re a little different than everybody else out there, but it’s really easy. If you can count to three, you’ll get it in no time.

If you have questions, check out our FAQ or contact us by phone or email. Our fundraising team is really nice, and we love to help.

Or if you’re the exploring type, you can skip the reading and get started now.

Okay, let the counting begin!

  1. 1

    Start a Fun Challenge

It could be a dare, a costume, a song or something else fun and creative

Fundraising challenges are the heart of MyDunkTank. A fundraising challenge is something fun you promise to do for your cause. For example, “I’ll wear a funny costume to work to support cancer research.”

You get to choose the challenge format, such as a costume. Then your friends and family vote for your costume by making donations. Every donation counts as a vote. At the end of voting, you wear the winning costume.

Easy, right?

Your challenge can be almost anything, like a dare, a costume, a song, a dance or something else you create. In every format, your friends and family vote for the winner.

The magic of voting is that your fundraiser becomes fun and interactive. Donors have the perfect reason to give and spread the word!

For organizations, you can have a whole bunch of people doing related challenges at the same times. We’ve had karaoke parties, dare days, dare months and much more.

  1. 2

    Raise Money

Watch your fundraising page become the life of the party

The most successful fundraisers aren’t really fundraisers at all. They are more like parties - fun, personal, light-hearted and full of amazing friends and family.

Your fundraising page on MyDunkTank is designed to feel like a great party. There’s live chat, where you and your lovely donors can banter about your fundraiser and what a great hair day you’re having. And if you actually are having a great hair day, you can “Go Live” with your webcam and broadcast your beautiful face to the world - all from your fundraising page!

Anyone can leave comments and notes on your fundraising page. As the fundraiser, you can post updates about your fundraising progress. Those updates are automatically sent out to your donors and supporters and are published on your fundraising page for future visitors.

It’s easy for your fundraiser to “go viral” because everything that happens our fundraising pages is linked to Facebook and Twitter. We have lots of sharing links for you and your supporters, and some activities are shared automatically.

Plus we do all the basic fundraiser stuff really well. Donors can give with any major credit card, and we’ve designed our donation forms to be as friendly and painless as possible.

  1. 3

    Do the Challenge!

Share your special moment with photos, video and stories

If a fundraiser on MyDunkTank is like a party, then the most exciting part of the party is when you perform your challenge!

That’s why your fundraising page turns into a scrapbook once you’ve performed your challenge. You can post photos, video and stories. You can also use text and video chat to relive the performance with your donors - or you can perform your challenge live on your fundraising page using your webcam.

Just writing this makes us really excited for your fundraiser. It’s going to be an AMAZING experience you’ll never forget. And we can’t wait to help you get started!

Enough talking, let’s try it out!

It’s free and takes just a few minutes

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